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PC Denice Koopa by Sadistic-Lus PC Disaster by Sadistic-Lus

What I will draw - Homo, Hetero, most fetishes, busty, koopas, furries, bestality, aliens, monsters, tentacles, chibis, bases, reference sheets, blood, horror, animals and vore

What I might draw - .. ask me in a note

Stuff that I am learning myself to draw - Pokémon, Dragons, Humans, Manga, backgrounds and sonic charakters

What I won't draw - Scat, crush fetish, vomit, extreme watersports and rape
Seriously, just stop. by BaconMagicSeriously, just stop. by BaconMagicSeriously, just stop. by BaconMagicSeriously, just stop. by BaconMagic

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Faving stuff like a boss :iconmanfaceplz: anyways ^^

I love the artworks in here :3

PC Denice Koopa by Sadistic-Lus PC Disaster by Sadistic-Lus
Tagged by :icong0r3l0rd:
1- You must post the rules.
2- Each person must say 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 5 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4- You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. No tag backs.
6- No stuff in tagging section about '' You're tagged if you are reading this", you legitimately have to tag 10 people.

1. I am really shy IRL
2. I'm an Agnostic Pagan Satanist~ 
3. I'm a Flexi-Vegetarian ( I eat meat.. but rarely ) but I don't mind if you're not~
4. I love drawing, no matter what kind I just love drawing~
5. I own three pets. one rabbit, one hamster and one cat~


1.[link] : O__O that is fucking brutal  Horns 
2. Your thoughts on me being a Satanist?: Well hello there fellow Satanist sister~
3. Are you Liberal/Independent/Conservative?: Two words.... Fuck Politics
4. Dr. Pepper or Pepsi?: Uh.. Pepsi~
5. Your thoughts on Westboro Baptist Church?: Stupidest shit ever invented just like the motherfucking KKK.. :| (Blank Stare) 

1. Your thoughts on me being an Agnostic Pagan Satanist? :
2. What's the worst film/movie you have ever watched? :
3. Got any hobbies? :
4. Favourite snack? :
5. Favorite movie/film? :

Markiplier Munching Imaginary Popcorn - Emoticon 


:iconvyel: :iconamu-amateur: :icontallsimeon2003: :iconhappychipmuk: :iconsunnyeye: :iconscreekeedee: :iconalex674: :icondusk-deerfluff: :iconrockytoonz93: :iconrokote:


Onto the next subject wich is the to do list

All Requests, Arttrades, point commisions and collabs are closed until further notice

Bullet; Black not started = I'm thinking of a great pose and so on, the story is only having a few words
Bullet; Red Sketching, the story has just started
Bullet; Blue Inking, making a progress
Bullet; Purple coluring, almost done fellas
Bullet; Pink almost done
Bullet; Green DONE and uploaded or sent !

( I have forgotten most of the stuff so, If I forgot to add your request in here then please do tell me )

To do List 


1. panties999 ( from Fa. ) Pepsi the deer being stung by a bee Bullet; Red 

2. :icontoxicisland: Populars (including the two headed one they made) decapitating themselves like Henry and June are in this picture… in order to scare the Offbeats Bullet; Red

3. :icontrinitysxinsanity: Silver x Her together 18+ :bulletblue:

Art trades.

1. :iconskapelser: her oc. Felix sleeping Bullet; Black ( trade )

2. :iconwaver92: My Gengarsona doing something silly :bulletpurple:



None at the moment Phew! 


Point Commisions.

1.  :iconilovefallingcows25: a 300 ft. Kootiezilla without her wand with her in the city as a background (paid) Bullet; Red 

2. :iconasralore: Her Oc's Ihra: and monty [dead]:  18+ Necro (paid) Bullet; Red


Other stuff that I have to work on

1. Give my Persona an update.. ( New look.. Sweating a little... ) Bullet; Red

2. Update some of my Fursonas looks and so on.. Bullet; Red

3. Update some of my ponysonas and MLP Oc's looks Bullet; Red

4. Make a few more new characters.. :bulletred:

5. Make two other new personas.. :bulletblue: 


People who owe me art~



This is the end of the jonural



{I Love My Girlfriend} by xXtoxic-infectionXx{I Love My Boyfriend} by xXtoxic-infectionXxOnline Girlfriend Stamp by FlashyFashionFraudOnline Boyfriend Stamp by FlashyFashionFraudLove Multiplied :Stamp: by LauNachtyrLove The Person Not The Faith by RavenGaleSpencer
Polyamorous stamp by nintendoqsPolysexual stamp by nintendoqsLesbian stamp by nintendoqsDemiromantic stamp by nintendoqsNon-binary stamp by nintendoqsGenderfluid stamp by nintendoqs
Stamp: Agnostic Pagan by 8manderz8Stamp: Satanist by 8manderz8Satanist Pride Stamp by Rha-ZhulPagan Pride by Shewolfferespectful Satanist stamp by CorporalCornbreadProud Satanist stamp (red) by lapis-lazuri
Tomboy Stamp by PaltZuSTAMP: Personally... by StampsGoneMissingIntrovert stamp by wyldravenFurry by ShulkyStamp: Brony by EStoriesDrug-free artist - Stamp by JWiesner
Not Proud Not Ashamed by CassidyPetersonI'm Awkward by So-DaeAnti-Extremism by Mintaka-TKWARNING: Aggressive ***** by Hurricane-HannahI love both Cats and Dogs by WishmasterAlchemistSlow Artist: Stamp by JazzaX
Hate Artist's Block by fear-the-brillianceStamp_Mischievous Inspiration by Chivi-chivikdrawing stamp by Tea-Strawberryvague stamp is vague by Aphose- I think too much - by Yuhon+Stamp+ Get Away Unharmed... by TenshiNoFuu
Pokemon Shiny Hunter Stamp by FastmonArt Block Stamp by KhrinxCookie? COOKIE?? Monster Stamp by The-Blue-PangolinPerfect Pose Stamp by SenshiStock'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-StampsJust wait. by Sharkfu
So Many Stamps Stamp by neek-ziqueToo Many Stamps by MaruLovesStampslooking into collections stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzsC: plushies stamp by XxFlameFrost101xX. by TheArtOfNotLikingYouNot inclucing the fandom. by Tea-Strawberry
Ugh Timezones Stamp by dalminsLate Nights with Oceanians by Tea-StrawberryLate Nights with Asians by Tea-StrawberryLate Nights with South Americans by Tea-StrawberryLate Nights with North Americans by Tea-StrawberryLlama Face Stamp by seremela05
Foxy? No thanks by BlackMambaZANEfive nights at freddy's by EmperorSchmuckFNAF stamp by pastel--colorsNo offical couples in FNAF stamp by FurryLucarioReturnsSTAMP: It's True by ForTheLoveOfDoofbacking vocalist by flaiKi
Unfettered by WaywardSoothsayerwiccan rede stamp by SabattierNOT A SLAVE stamp by samekh-mempentagrams stamp by keine-lust-modoIt's Not the Same by GhostsandDecayFreedom of religion... by BlackJill
Mario Stamp - Luigi by Knightmare-MoonMario Stamp - Mario by Knightmare-MoonMario Stamp - Daisy by Knightmare-MoonMario Stamp - Yoshi by Knightmare-MoonMario Stamp - Birdo by Knightmare-MoonMario Stamp - Wario by Knightmare-Moon
Rainbow Dash Fan Stamp by TwiinyanRarity Fan Stamp by TwiinyanPinkie Pie Fan Stamp by TwiinyanTwilight Sparkle Fan Stamp by TwiinyanApplejack Fan Stamp by TwiinyanStarlight Glimmer by Marlenesstamps
I love my ponysona (alicorn) by EscamosaI love my ponysona (earth pony) by EscamosaI love my ponysona (pegasus) by EscamosaI love my ponysona (unicorn) by EscamosaFursona Stamp by VampsStockKoopalings FCs are not necessary evil Stamp by Aso-Designer
Banette Stamp by Aletheiia90Fennekin Stamp by Aletheiia90Duskull Stamp by Aletheiia90Shiny Gengar by KitthePyro:: Ghastly Fan Stamp :: by Sweetie-Chan607 - Litwick by Marlenesstamps
Tickled Pink by ashestoFlying Purple People Eaters? by ashestoI'm Blue (Da Ba De Da Ba Di) by ashestoIt's Easy Being Green by ashestoAnd It Was All Yellow by ashestoOrange You Glad? by ashesto
I Love Sweets by LadyQuintessence. sensitive stamp by fairypawsStop saying I don't have them. by Snuf-StampsNight Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkysThe Money Stamp by BusirisHell by trinitylast
Respect by GinnyStoleMyManRainbow And Black Stamp by miraibabyI love Rainbows - Stamp by r0se-designsThe Noise of Vacuums... by ETrademarkkPastel Love Stamp by milkyribbon.Stamp. Love All the CSI Shows by KillMePleaseGod
Sandwich. by Rocky-VermillionNo Excuse by savagebinnI'm looking at you, skinny shamers. by BaconMagicSex and Body positive - STAMP by BambooGecko.:Hating Women, Hating Men:. by RaineSageRocksRape is Rape by XxchantellexX
Use Them Proper Pronouns/Names They've Chosen by endlerI'mGonnaBeUsingTheseCuteTemplatesBeware by endlerFor Those in the Community or Those Supporting by endlermogai friendly - stamp by cacwProtect LGBTQIA+ Kids Stamp by oceanstampsLGBT Stamp No. 2 by strawberry-hunter
[STAMP] I Don't Get Your Point by EmfenWhoritude by I-am-BrittaPLEAZE STAHP by Mintaka-TKI Support Non-Feminist Women by DontNeedFeminismScreaming 'Privilege' Doesn't Change That by DontNeedFeminismI suppose you won't mind being raped then? by Little-rolling-bean
Love Is Love [Stamp] by LentertamentStamp: Pairing Orientations by Jammerlee01.01.15 { I Support LGBT+ Stamp } by NarwhalQLove :Stamp: by LauNachtyrStop lying to us. by Chewythechuchustamp. by Jackspicerrules13
Equality - Not Revenge by CassidyPetersonCleavage by Slutgirl08You People... by Mintaka-TKGender Not So Binary by BisexualMarshMallowStamp - Anti-RIC by foxleeRant: Circumcision by Fragdog
My Friend is Transgender by stuck-in-suburbiaMy Friend is Bi by stuck-in-suburbiaMy Friend is Gay by stuck-in-suburbiaMy Friend is Straight by stuck-in-suburbiaMy Friend is Asexual by stuck-in-suburbiaMy Friend is Pansexual by stuck-in-suburbia
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Hell by trinitylastReligious Freedom by queen-of-poisonsStamp: Nope by RottedStampsBeing Openminded Stamp by SpikytasticYou're not me. How do you know I will? by StingrayzzChristian so called discrimination by Zidneya
I like animals stamp by prince-deerSnakes. by Monster-BoarAll Pets Matter by RavenGaleSpencerBSL Stamp by t3hsilentoneStop Animal Abuse II Stamp by ladieofficalAnimal Stamp by VampsStock
Boopin'-Ass Stamp 2 by FliteWulfMarkiplier: The Best Medicine by OrelethPBG Stamp by TheDekuLegacyJoel (vargskelethor)(Vinesauce) stamp by aetherialstardustVinny (Vinesauce) stamp by aetherialstardustShane Dawson Stamp. by stamp-me
Rainbow stamp by AristanovaDon't Blame Me by Nemo-TV-ChampionIt's Not a Joke Stamp by SpikytasticAgainst Death Threats And Death Wishes by SilentRisingSunOpinion Stamp by xXInvader-HaleyXxFalling in love.. by KiraiMirai
Religion and Internet Explorer by CraptrapSneeze: Stamp by JazzaXYes, I'm A Bitch... by WearwolfaaMy opinion about Self-inserts by MrsEmmyJAnti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-ZoneSelf Inserts by ohwellthen
Stamp: I refuse. by 8manderz8Because It's Wrong to Have Equal Rights by Flower-DollStop Shoving Your Religion by DiabolusStampsFundamentalist Christianity by jball430Pro-Life Bible? by PaleoClipperArtDon't use the Bible as an excuse by SoraRoyals77
Don't force people to believe in God by SoraRoyals77I disagree with Christianity by KarithinaChristianity Stamp by 34dF0xThere is a school for that by CorruptTempestStamp: KKK members by Riza-IzumiI'm not here for your... by yumi-honamaru


Gothic-Bunny-13's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

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I'm Denice, but you can call me Denny if you'd like

Some info about me

Name: Denny

Height: 5,3 feet tall
Body build: Chubby

D.O.B: October the 11'th 1995


Gender Pronous:

Sexual Orientation:
Poly or Monogramous :

| | | |


My old account :iconkoopalingluver4evar:

Watch me if you like my art ^w^

Every Watch+, Fav. and comment means alot to me :heart:

:icondogdanceplz: I don't even know :icondogdanceplz:


STAMP i-heart-soda by itz-CindyrellaTea and Coffee Stamp by nechama7adult pokemon fan stamp by tirsdenFurry stamp commission by XxFlameFrost101xXScanty and Kneesocks Stamp by slateportEducation! Work! So slutty! by Little-rolling-beanUgly Truths Stamp by AuriV1Imitation is suicide by Nana-BeatsOriginal and Fanart Stamp by Estell-chanTatanga stamp by randommariogirl741STAMP: Personally... by StampsGoneMissingDrugfree Stamp by LiveToCodeStamp: Short and Proud by Stamp-AbuseAll Types Stamp by YenshinMonsters by DoctorFluffyFangirl light stamp by MorryganFandom Overload Stamp by Bellaveestamp :: pierced by octobre-rougePokemon Shiny Hunter Stamp by FastmonStop saying I don't have them. by Snuf-StampsI listen to music a lot by MissNooyLove :Stamp: by LauNachtyr'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-StampsSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzI Love All Pokemon Stamp - Now With Gen 6 by KawaiiChan789Picky shipper by Tea-StrawberryStamp - I Love to VA by caatSweet tooth... by PixieRiotMad Stocking Stamp by Sir-DragoPlushie Collector by WishmasterAlchemistPit Bull Everything-STAMP by ColoranStamp: Brony by EStoriesUgh Timezones Stamp by dalminsDepression Stamp by mirz-altyou fucking plebs by BaconMagicWatermelon Love -stamp- by MsPastelhorror fan stamp by Hinataluver99



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Gothic-Bunny-13 has started a donation pool!
272 / 1,000,000,000
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I also do Point Commisions !

Icon for DeviantART (50 x 50) = 3 :points:

Icon for Furaffinity (100 x 100) = 4 :points:

Stamp = 6 :points:

Badge = 5 :points:

Pixels = 8 :points:

Sketch = 10 :points:

Lineart (colour less)= 14 :points:

Full coloured drawing with shadows= 17 :points:

Full coloured drawing without shadows = 15 :points:

Mature (15+)= 16 :points:

Dirty (18+ will only post it on Tumblr and Furaffinity) = 20 :points:

Bust = Depends on The character of how complicated they are to draw :points:

Full body = 25 :points:

Cutie Mark ( only for MLP ) = Depends on how complicated it is to draw it :points:

Custom Adoptable = You choose the price :points:

Grender Swap = You choose the price :points:

Reference Sheets = Depends on how complicated it is to draw the charackter :points:

5 :points: per. Carakter


Rules of what I will do , might do and won't do

What I will draw - Lesbian, gay, straight, most fetishes, busty, koopas, furries, bestality, aliens, monsters, tentacles, chibis, bases, reference sheets, blood, horror, animals and vore

Stuff that I am learning myself to draw - Pokémon, Dragons, Humans, Manga, backgrounds and sonic charakters

What I won't draw - Scat, crush fetish, vomit, extreme watersports and rape

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