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:iconraichuplz3::iconraichuplz4: My art ^^

If you don't like it then GET OUT OF HERE!!!

PC Denice Koopa by Sadistic-Lus PC Disaster by Sadistic-Lus

What I will draw - Lesbian, gay, straight, most fetishes, busty, koopas, furries, bestality, aliens, monsters, tentacles, chibis, bases, reference sheets, blood, horror, animals and vore

What I might draw - Shotacon, lolicon, pony porn, snuff and violence

Stuff that I am learning myself to draw - Pokémon, Dragons, Humans, Manga, backgrounds and sonic charakters

What I won't draw - Scat, crush fetish, vomit, extreme watersports and rape
Seriously, just stop. by BaconMagicSeriously, just stop. by BaconMagicSeriously, just stop. by BaconMagicSeriously, just stop. by BaconMagic

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Faving stuff like a boss :iconmanfaceplz: anyways ^^

I love the artworks in here :3

PC Denice Koopa by Sadistic-Lus PC Disaster by Sadistic-Lus
Meme stolen by :iconblackmetalbloodcandy:

0: Height : 5,3 feet tall... yeah I'm short so what??

1: Virgin? : Virgin as fuck..

2: Shoe size : 9 or 10 I guess...

3: Do you smoke? : No

4: Do you drink? : Rarely.. it depends i only drink alchohol 1 or 3 times and sometimes not even a single drop yearly... wich is not much...

5: Do you take drugs? : No, cause drugs are bad, mkay?

6: Age you get mistaken for? : Early 20's... and by the way I act... a really tall 13 year old XD

7: Have tattoos? : No, I don't have any tattoos sadly

8: Want any tattoos? : Yes, I would love to have 2 or 3 tattoos~

9: Got any piercings? : Yes i do infact I have 2 ear piercings.. one on each ear~

10: Want any piercings? : Of course I do .. I do want 3 more.. after that it is enough.. I do think about getting a Spider Bite and an Eye brow piercing... 

11: Best friend? : .... I have too many BBF's D:

12: Relationship status : taken in a Polyamorous relationship with :iconamu-amateur: :icontallsimeon2003: and a another guy not sure if he have a Da. but he have a Fa. <w<

13: Biggest turn ons : I.. I uhm.. *whimpers*

14: Biggest turn offs : Puke, Scat and the fucking Crush fetish

15: Favorite movie : .... I've got too many favorite movies ^^;

16: I’ll love you if : 

17: Someone you miss : Some of my best friends that I havn't talked to in like 4, 5 years or months.. :c

18: Most traumatic experience : .... I don't want to talk about it

19: A fact about your personality : I'm really shy.. and I am trying to be less shy.. but it's not easy...

20: What I hate most about myself : Being hungry 24/7, Being chubby, always tired no matter how much I sleep and that I hate taking showers...

21: What I love most about myself : .... I don't know

22: What I want to be when I get older : Nothing but myself, duh

23: My relationship with my sibling(s) : I don't have any siblings...

24: My relationship with my parent(s) : With my mom.. it is okay but I havn't talked with my dad for a long time..

25: My idea of a perfect date : ... hum.. maybe a movie or dinner.. or just a walk around town talking

26: My biggest pet peeve : People having a "phobia" for a certain gender identification and/or Sexual Orientation, People judging a fandom because of their idiots in that fandom, Religious freaks aka; Extreministic Idiotic Rabid Fanatic Assholes who shove their religion right in your fucking face, People going apeshit because you are a Vegan/Vegetarian or Omnivore or people going apeshit because you aren't a Vegan/Vegetarian or Omnivore, Terrorist Orginations (for example; PETA and ALF..), Forgetting what you were going to say.

27: A description of the/a person I like : .... >/////<

28: A description of the person I dislike the most : ..... I don't even want to talk about them

29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend : ... I have only lied once... and it was about my sexuality because I was afraid that they were going to hurt me..

30: What I hate the most about work/school : Stress... oooooh so much stress!!

31: What your last text message says : Jag vill ha en jävla hamburgare nu ._.

32: What words upset me the most : ..... 

33: What words make me feel the best about myself : .. cute.. 

34: What I find attractive in women : Personality, Kindness and Attitude

35: What I find attractive in men : Personality, Kindness and Attitude

36: Where I would like to live : Somewhere on the countryside.. a bit close to town.. 

37: One of my insecurities : I have to check stuff twice or more to feel secure... and I feel paranoid most of the time..

38: My childhood career choice : .... I dreamt of being a stripper... ( Not joking... wtf younger Denny?? )

39: My favorite ice cream flavor : Coffee, mint and chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, Tofu Line Strawberry, 

40: Who wish I could be : ... uh... a dragon ._.

41: Where I want to be right now : With my babes D;

42: The last thing I ate : Nuts... salted nuts...

43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately : ffffffffffffffff 

44: A random fact about anything : I talk to myself a lot...

Meme stolen by :iconblackmetalbloodcandy: (again :XD: )

: Denice
Birthday: 1995 October 11th
Race: ... uhm... White..? 


Do you cuss: What kind of a fucking question is that?
Play any instruments?: Naaah
Have any piercings?: Yes two ear piercings.. one on each ear... I want more piercings tough ._.
Have any tattoos?: No but I wished I had
Like to annoy people: Depends.. 
Like live?: Eh?
Wear make up?: Rarely
Dye your hair?: .. nah... 
Scream at the top of your lungs for no reason?: .... when I am extremely pissed off or irritated 
Get distracted by shiny objects?: I get distracted by Sweet food instead...
Like pina coladas?: never tried it
And getting caught in the rain?: doing what..?


what's your worst fear?: Injection needles, Getting infected with Parasites...
what's your life goal: .... Use my macbook more less, draw more stuff, finish all of my requests, arttrades, gifts and commissions, get a job, go on a trip to my partners, try to loose weight, get a healthier diet.. eat less snacks n sweet food.. 
what's your greatest accomplishment?: ....


pepsi or coke?: Pepsi in a Coca-Cola glass 
mcdonalds or burger king: Burger King
converse or vans?: Vans
dogs or cats?: BOTH!
chicken or fish: Fish I guess..?
black or white: ...... that's racist
mtv or fuse?: ....
pants or shorts?: Shorts!


do you own a car?: Nope..
ever been to jail?: No
ever gotten kicked out?: I have never had a job.. so no.. I have never been fired
do you have a job?: Nope.. But I am looking after a job.. perhaps a petshop..
do you like taking surveys like this?: Yeah sometimes..


are you lonely?: ... in what way ...?
are you sitting in a beanbag eatin' cheetos?: No... but I wished...
how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?: ... y.. you are supposed to lick them? I thought you were supposed to suck em' D:


Jonural stolen from :icontallsimeon2003:

1: Do you have a crush at the moment? : I have a crush on a fictional character... >////<

2: Have you ever been deeply in love? : Yes I have.. >/////<

3: What is the longest relationship you have ever been in? : ... I am still in that relationship >////< 

4: Have you ever changed for someone? : Yes I have.. I have gotten less shy >////<

5: How is your relationship with your ex? : We are friends... exept one of them who I am never going to talk with ever again..

6: Have you ever been cheated on? : yes... Sadly I have..

7: Have you ever cheated? : Never have and never will

8: Would you date someone who is well known for cheating? : Not really

9: What is the most important part of a relationship? : Love, Loyalty, Romance.. Sensuality.. >////<

10: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings? : ....  

11: When you're dating someone, do you believe in going on breaks? : Yes, but it depends..

12: What is one thing you regret saying or doing in a previous relationship? : ..... 

13: What age do you think is appropriate for kids to start having sex? : 18 and or 20+ sounds better...

14: Do you believe in the phrase "age is just a number"? : ... My boyfriend is 10-11 years older than me while my girlfriend is just 1-2 years older than me
Age doesn't really matter... 
But I do have a limit.. kids who are under age 15 should not date

15: Do you believe in love at first sight? : not really

16: Do you believe it's possible to fall in love on the internet? : .... I have fallen in love online... alot of times >///<

17: What do you consider a deal breaker? : hum..

18: How do you know it's time to end a relationship? : When you feel like you don't have strong feelings for your partner..

19: Are you currently in a relationship? : Yes, I am in a polyamorous relationship 

20: Do you think people who have dated can stay friends? : Yes but it deppends on how they treated you.. 

21: Do you think it's okay for people to date their friends? : It is as natrual as breathing...~

22: How many relationships have you had? : Uhm.. I have had 6 relationships .. 

23: Do you think love can last forever? : Well yeah I do

24: Do you believe love can conquer all things? : Yes sometimes, and sometimes it makes all the negative thoughts go away

25: Would you break up with someone your parents didn't approve of? : ... It would depend... if he/she/they were mean to my parents or that he/she/they hurt any of my pets... Then I would do that... hurt anyone who I love dearly or who is close to me then... You are dancing with the devil

26: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating what would it be? : .... I don't even know

27: Do you think long distance relationships can work? : Fff my current one works just perfect, tough it can be really lonely and hard not to be able to meet them unless you have the money to go on a trip and meet them

28: What do you notice first about another person? : Their Personality, Looks, Attitude and if they are brave or shy

29: Are you straight, bi, gay, or pansexual? : I'm Polysexual but I have a really huge female preference..~

30: Would it bother you if your partner suffered from any mental illness? : Not a bit really and I know that people can't just get over mental illness as fast as the lightning

31: Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? : Once... 

32: Do you want to get married one day? : Yes >////<

33: What do you think about getting your partner's name tattooed? : Not really

34: Could you be in a relationship without sex? : Well it can work but... I am a nympho so that would be a little hard...

35: Are you still a virgin? : Virgin as fuck..

36: What is more important, looks or personality? : Personality, I don't care about the looks~

37: Do you enjoy love films? : Kind of -w-

38: Have you ever given or received roses? : I have received roses once...~

39: Have you ever had a valentine? : heheh yes..~ it was this cutie :iconhappychipmuk:

40: What is your idea of a perfect date? : Uhm...  A dinner somewhere or watch a movie at the cinema

41: Have you ever read Romeo and Juliet? : nope

42: What is more important, your partner or your friends? : both...

43: Would you consider yourself romantic? : I hum... I guess..~? >//w//<

44: Could you imagine dating one of your current friends? : ..... uhm >///< I have a crush on one...

45: Have you ever been friendzoned? : Friendzone..?  That shit doesn't exist

46: Which famous couple is your favorite? : Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams .. heheh

47: What is your favorite love song? : Cradle Of Love - Jhonny Preston

48: Have you ever broken someone's heart? : ... once... and I felt like shit because of it

49: If you're single, why do you think you are? : Well when I am single I often think myself as useless...

50: Would you rather date someone who is rich but a douchebag, or someone who is poor but nice? : Poor but Nice

51: Are you good at giving other people advice regarding relationships? : Sometimes

52: Are you jealous of couples when you're single? : .. Yeah.. 

53: How important is it to make a relationship official? : If your partner or partners feel comfortable or okat with that then okay

54: Would you consider yourself clingy, overly attached, or jealous? : Fff.. I am more likely Overly Protective...

55: Have you ever destroyed a relationship? : ... Kind of... 

56: Do you think it's silly to consider suicide because of a broken heart? : ... I was close to once...

57: Are you the dominant or the submissive part of the relationship? : ..... I uh.. I'm mostly submissive >////<

58: Have you ever forgotten important dates like your partner's birthday or your anniversary? : No I havn't really, yeah I might have a bad memory but I do not forget thoose stuff!

59: What is your opinion on open relationships? : It is completly okay.. if both partners are okay with it

60: Who is more important, your partner or your family? : Both.. I don't care more about the other..

61: How do you define cheating? : Dating someone behind someone's back without telling about it..

62: Is watching porn while being in a relationship inappropriate? : Porn doesn't hurt anyone..

63: Would you consider yourself a cuddler? : -cuddles up to my huge teddy bear- .w. uuuhm... maybe~

I tag anyone who read this >;D

This is the end of the jonural



Long Distance Relationship by PharaonenfuchsLove Multiplied :Stamp: by Circe-BakaOnline Boyfriend Stamp by FlashyFashionFraudOnline Girlfriend Stamp by FlashyFashionFraudLove The Person Not The Faith by RavenGaleSpencer
Stamp: Satanist by 8manderz8Stamp: Spiritualist by 8manderz8Stamp: Agnostic by 8manderz8Satanist Pride Stamp by Rha-Zhulrespectful Satanist stamp by CorporalCornbread
Monthly Event February - Non-binary by Tea-StrawberryMonthly Event February - Genderqueer by Tea-StrawberryMonthly Event February - Genderfluid by Tea-StrawberryMonthly Event February - Homosexual by Tea-StrawberryMonthly Event February - Polysexual by Tea-Strawberry
Polymonoflexible stamp by OnyxNocturnePolysexual Proud by GalialayLesbian Proud by GalialayGender Queer by GalialayPolyamory Proud by Galialay
shy, but happy to talk by crownstamps&quot;Explaining&quot; Stamp by Sonira-StampsAlways tired... by prosaixShyness Stamp by JFG107-StampsMy Attitude by Fyi-Sus
Tomboy Stamp by PaltZuI'm Just ME So What by Zinnia-AsterI'mGonnaBeUsingTheseCuteTemplatesBeware by endlerGender is Unimportant by NyaasuI love spikes: Stamp by JazzaX
I love my ponysona (unicorn) by EscamosaI love my ponysona (alicorn) by EscamosaI love my ponysona (earth pony) by EscamosaI love my ponysona (pegasus) by Escamosa80s MLP Stamp by g-o-o
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looking into favorites stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzI Love Villains Stamp by Drknz1300I Like Broccoli Stamp by SerpentineCougarI flip my pillow -stamp- by SassenImagination-stamp by ZeroIQ5
looking into collections stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzNinja Stamp by littlemisssunshine11Whoritude by I-am-BrittaStamp: No one asks what HE was wearing by Riza-IzumiElement Stamp by ladynightseduction
Anything's Sexual Stamp by LexxyThirteenStamp: You Bully by RottedStampsi love eyes stamp by moonbreadieMonster People Stamp by stahmpsObscure Videogames stamp by stahmps
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Proud Perv Stamp by HawkyTehKittySweet tooth... by PixieRiotTourettes Guy: Men's Asses :Stamp: by Stitchlovergirl96little cissy by DametoraSTAMP: Personally... by StampsGoneMissing
You People... by Mintaka-TKLet People Love who they Love by LordFluffersMulti-shipper stamp by MarmaladeYuuPokemon Shiny Hunter Stamp by FastmonStamp: No idea by PunkAss-Myth


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I'm Denice, but you can call me Denny if you'd like

Some info about me

Name: Denny

Height: 5,3 feet tall
Body build: Chubby

D.O.B : October the 11'th 1995

Religion: Agnostic Spiritrual Satanist Stamp: Satanist by 8manderz8Stamp: Agnostic by 8manderz8Stamp: Spiritualist by 8manderz8 respectful Satanist stamp by CorporalCornbread

Gender: Non-Binary, Genderqueer, Genderfluid with GID Gender Identity Disorder Stamp by MoonLover Monthly Event February - Non-binary by Tea-Strawberry Monthly Event February - Genderqueer by Tea-StrawberryMonthly Event February - Genderfluid by Tea-Strawberry
Gender Pronous: Male, Female, Neutral, Non-Binary and Xeno please Pronouns Stamp by milkyribbon

Sexual Orientation: Polysexual Lesbian Monthly Event February - Polysexual by Tea-StrawberryMonthly Event February - Homosexual by Tea-Strawberry
Poly or Monogramous : Polymonoflexible Polymonoflexible stamp by OnyxNocturne

Queer Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes|Gay Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes|Polysexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes|Genderfluid Pride Flag by tessco12|


Likes: Junkfood, sweets, chokolate, all the animals on the earth, the Koopalings, my bunny Honey, my silly cat Squeaky (he don't live anymore), Morton Koopa Jr. , my hamster Gert (he doesn't live anymore) , MLP, MLP:Fim, Furries

Dislikes: Parasites, Slow internet, People having a "fobia" for a ceretain gender indentyfication or sexuality... the list will get bigger..


My old account :iconkoopalingluver4evar:


Watch me if you like my art ^w^

Every Watch+, Fav. and comment means alot to me :heart:

:icondogdanceplz: I don't even know :icondogdanceplz:


STAMP i-heart-soda by itz-CindyrellaTea and Coffee Stamp by nechama7adult pokemon fan stamp by tirsdenFurry stamp commission by XxFlameFrost101xXScanty and Kneesocks Stamp by slateportEducation! Work! So slutty! by Little-rolling-beanUgly Truths Stamp by AuriV1Imitation is suicide by Nana-BeatsOriginal and Fanart Stamp by Estell-chanTatanga stamp by randommariogirl741STAMP: Personally... by StampsGoneMissingDrugfree Stamp by LiveToCodeand you can draw more than pony hate art by pixelat0ryStamp: Short and Proud by Stamp-AbuseAll Types Stamp by YenshinMonsters by DoctorFluffyFangirl light stamp by MorryganFandom Overload Stamp by Bellaveestamp :: pierced by octobre-rougePokemon Shiny Hunter Stamp by FastmonStop saying I don't have them. by Snuf-StampsI listen to music a lot by MissNooyLove :Stamp: by Circe-Baka"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-StampsSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzI Love All Pokemon Stamp - Now With Gen 6 by KawaiiChan789Picky shipper by Tea-StrawberryStamp - I Love to VA by caatSweet tooth... by PixieRiotMad Stocking Stamp by Sir-Drago


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Icon for DeviantART (50 x 50) = 3 :points:

Icon for Furaffinity (100 x 100) = 4 :points:

Stamp = 6 :points:

Badge = 5 :points:

Pixels = 8 :points:

Sketch = 10 :points:

Lineart (colour less)= 14 :points:

Full coloured drawing with shadows= 17 :points:

Full coloured drawing without shadows = 15 :points:

Mature (15+)= 16 :points:

Dirty (18+ will only post it on Tumblr and Furaffinity) = 20 :points:

Bust = Depends on The character of how complicated they are to draw :points:

Full body = 25 :points:

Cutie Mark ( only for MLP ) = Depends on how complicated it is to draw it :points:

Custom Adoptable = You choose the price :points:

Grender Swap = You choose the price :points:

Reference Sheets = Depends on how complicated it is to draw the charackter :points:

5 :points: per. Carakter


Rules of what I will do , might do and won't do

What I will draw - Lesbian, gay, straight, most fetishes, busty, koopas, furries, bestality, aliens, monsters, tentacles, chibis, bases, reference sheets, blood, horror, animals and vore

What I might draw - Shotacon, lolicon, pony porn, snuff and violence

Stuff that I am learning myself to draw - Pokémon, Dragons, Humans, Manga, backgrounds and sonic charakters

What I won't draw - Scat, crush fetish, vomit, extreme watersports and rape

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